Objectives & Functions


    Main works being done by the Commissioner’s Office include:

    • The disposal/review of public grievances and monitoring of complains (online) routed through the office of the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the ones filed on Tehsil Diwas.
    • Public hearing and solving their problems effectively.
    • Disposal of applications seeking information under the Right to Information Act-2005within 30 days.
    • Maintaining Law and Order in the Division. Redressal of Public Grievance Review System
    • 100% compliance and disposal of the state government schemes in the monthly divisional meetings.
    • Special attention on state dues/recovery and 100% recovery against the target.
    • Ensuring timely maintenance of land records.
    • Supervision of land revenue, settlement of revenue and collective supervision of criminal cases filed before subordinate offices.
    • Conducting annual inspection of subordinate offices and providing guidance to them for better functioning
    • To ensure the implementation of various new schemes launched by the government.
    • Coordination and liaisoning of disaster management and relief activities.
    • Training and motivation to the personnel working in Govt.
    • Introduction of new technology and other innovations in the administration.
    • Coordination and convergence in various government activities.
    • Organizing periodic meetings and conferences for review and better implementation.
    • Conducting court work relating to appellate and revisional jurisdiction.
    • Dispatch of information related to COVID-19 to the government.