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    Government Orders
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    No.-15 Bha.Sa./2021-C X-3 – Regarding strict action by registering FIR against those who attack health workers. 05/07/2021
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    No./U-O-25/One-9-2021 – Regarding registration of inheritance in favor of widows of persons who died due to Covid 19 epidemic. 05/07/2021
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    No.-443/1-11-2021 – Regarding registration of inheritance in favor of widows of persons who died due to Covid 19 epidemic. 03/07/2021
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    No.-1151/2021-C X-3 – In continuance of the order of Home department (Gopan) Section-3 Order No.-1054/2021-C X-3, dated 19 June 2021 guidelines for the commencement of activities (opening of cinema halls etc. 5 days a week) 02/07/2021
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    No.-411/One-11-2021-4(G)/2015 TC – Regarding the announcement to give Rs 50 lakh to the dependents of the government workers who died on duty while trying to contain and prevent Covid 19. 22/06/2021
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    No.-1055/Five-5-2021 – Regarding the timely completion of all necessary preparations for the possible third Covid-19 wave. 21/05/2021
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    No.-345/one-11- 2021- 4(G)/2015 TC-2 – Regarding immediate relief to the poor and needy by making free ration available to all ration card holders for a period of 3 months due to circumstances arising out of Covid-19 18/05/2021
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    No.-347/One-11-2021-4(G)/2015 TC-2 – Related to making Rs 1000 per month per family available to the Thela, Khomcha, Rehdi and other small registered shopkeepers/vendors 18/05/2021
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    No.-117/Five-5-2021 – In relation to keeping the imported drug Tocilizumab under the supervision of the Divisional Commissioner and Additional Director, Health. 12/05/2021
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    No. 722/88- 21-01Aau./20 – Regarding the availability of oxygen to the patients in home isolation. 11/05/2021
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    No. 22- Bha.Sa./ 60-One-2021 – In relation to the children affected / orphaned due to Covid-19 epidemic. 06/05/2021
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    No.-933/ACS/2021 – In relation to daily oxygen supply report for tankers and ASUs in all sourcing districts of the division. 04/05/2021
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