National Rural Livelihood Mission

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    The objective of the National Rural Livelihoods Mission is to connect rural poor families with the mainstream of the country and remove their poverty through various programs and to continuously increase their livelihood by providing efficient and effective institutional platform to the poor villagers, financial services To reach them in a better and easier way and to increase their family income.

    National Rural Livelihood Mission is a program to reduce poverty by creating permanent and empowered institutions (self-help groups, village organizations, cluster level federations) of rural poor women. From the year 2013, NRLM scheme has been implemented by modifying and changing SGSY.

    Formation of Self Help Group – Self-help group is formed by organizing 10-20 poor women of rural area, which have their own bye-laws. The women of the group choose the office bearers of the group, president, secretary and treasurer among themselves. After two to three months, the savings account of the group is opened in the nearest bank branch.

    Village organization– Village organization is formed by joining 06 to 15 groups. All the office bearers of all the groups associated with the village organization are ex-officio members of the representative body of the village organization, out of which five office bearers including the president, secretary, treasurer are selected. Village organization is the organization that controls and supports the groups.

    Cluster Level Federation (CLF) – Each development block is divided into three to 04 clusters. CLF is formed by joining all the village organizations formed in each cluster. CLF also has a total of five office bearers including the President, Secretary, Treasurer. CLF is an organization capable of controlling, coordinating, capacity building of SHGs and VOs formed under it as well as for operation of big economic projects.

    Startup Fund – After the formation of the group, there is a provision of 1500 / – for the purchase of books of records, rugs, boxes etc., 75000 / – for the establishment of the village organization and 350000 / – for the CLF office.

    Revolving Fund– An amount of Rs. 15000.00 is transferred directly to the group’s account after three months of formation to each group who has passed the grading on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission. Revolving fund is provided to the women of the group to meet their day to day needs.

    Micro Credit Plan and Community Investment Fund (CIF) – After the group’s micro credit plan in the intensive development block, a maximum amount of Rs. 1,10,000.00 (one lakh ten thousand) CIF is provided by the UP State Rural Livelihood Mission. The members of the group are provided CIF amount for personal consumption and livelihood promotion on the basis of the amount demanded on the basis of micro-planning.

    Bank Linkage – Six months old group who pass in the grading, according to the RBI guidelines, a section of Rs. 5 lakh is disbursed by the concerned bank and Rs. 1 lakh as the first dose. On which interest is payable only 07 percent. Additional interest rebate of 03 percent is provided on regular repayment of loan amount.

    Livelihood Fund– Rs. 2 lakh is transferred directly to the account of the concerned village organization as the first installment by the active village organizations in the order of their demand.

    Custom Hiring Center – To create a pool of agricultural implements at the village organization level, Rs. 2 lakh is directly transferred to the account of the concerned village organization as the first installment.

    Risk Redressal Fund (VRF) – To provide assistance to such members of the group who are vulnerable, a provision of Rs. 2250/- has been made per member of the village organization for SC/ST and 1500/- per general member.

    Mahila Kisan Empowerment Project (MKSP)– Block Koraon has been selected as MKSP, where 3500 women farmers have been trained so far.


    Office: Office of the Deputy Commissioner (Self Employment), National Rural Livelihood Mission, District Prayagraj.

    Email: nrlm[dot]allahabad[at]gmail[dot]com